Ten Countries Where the Indian Rupee Is Stronger

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We list (ten) 10 countries you can visit where the Indian currency has more value

1. Indonesia
The land of islands, clear blue waters and tropical climate, Indonesia is one of the countries where the Indian currency is higher. What’s more, it offers Indians a free visa on arrival which means you can surely have a good time without spending much. Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations here.
One Indian Rupee = 206.44 Indonesian Rupiah

2. Vietnam
A country known for its Buddhist pagodas, scrumptious Vietnamese cuisine and rivers where you can go kayaking, Vietnam is perfect for Indians as it offers a taste of a completely different culture. It is not too far away yet isn’t too expensive on the pocket. War museums and French colonial architecture are some of the country’s top attractions.
One Indian Rupee = 355.32 Vietnamese Dong

3. Cambodia
Most popular for its Angkor Wat, a massive stone temple, Cambodia is another country Indians can visit without breaking the bank. Its Royal Palace, National Museum and archaeological ruins are some of its best attractions. Cambodia is quite popular among tourists from Western countries too and its popularity is slowly spreading among Indians as well.
One Indian Rupee = 63.47 Cambodian Riel

4. Sri Lanka
Home to beaches, mountains, lush greenery and historical monuments, Sri Lanka is one of the hottest holiday destinations for Indians right now. It’s proximity to India and cheap flights are a few reasons for people to visit this country.
One Indian Rupee = 2.39 Sri Lankan Rupee

5. Nepal
This landlocked nation that offers some of the most stunning views and the land of the Sherpas is another country in the list. Mount Everest and seven other tallest mountain peaks in the world are in Nepal. No wonder backpackers flock to this country. Indians also have an advantage that they don’t need a visa to visit Nepal.
One Indian Rupee = 1.60 Nepalese Rupee

6. Iceland
This island nation is one of the most beautiful places on earth and should be on your travel wishlist to escape the heat this summer. Iceland is known for its blue lagoons, waterfalls, glaciers and black sand beaches. Not to forget, do experience the Northern Lights.
One Indian Rupee = 1.66 Icelandic Krona

7. Hungary
Hungary is popular for its architecture and its culture that has influences from Roman, Turkish and other cultures. Hungary’s capital Budapest is one of the most romantic cities in the world.
One Indian Rupee = 3.98 Hungarian Forint

8. Japan
You’ll be surprised to know that it is one of the countries whose currency is lesser than Indian rupee. Japan is a land steeped in culture yet one of the most technologically advanced nations. When here, visit the shrines, national parks and admire its skyscrapers.
One Indian Rupee = 1.69 Japanese Yen

9. Mongolia
Mongolia has vast open spaces where you can admire nature and its elements for hours. Nicknamed the ‘land of blue skies’, Mongolia is perfect for those looking to break away from the city life.
One Indian Rupee = 38.06 Mongolian Tugrik

10. Pakistan
Even though Pakistan was earlier a part of India, there are very few people who visit it for tourism. However, it does have many places of interest and the lower currency rate make it cheaper option too.
One Indian Rupee = 1.65 Pakistani Rupee


Top 10 Most Selling Online Products in India

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1.Sunglasses / Eye-wear
Sunglasses has always been a  favorite for shopping on e-commerce portals.Even particular category e-commerce websites are worth of billions of rupees.Sunglasses sells in fashion accessories.

2.Women Handbags
Women never stop shopping so whether it could be a summer or winter women fond of handbags matching with their heels or dress.Due to excessive import of chinese accessories sellers are offering good quality of handbags with cheap prices  for women handbag category

3.Electronic Accessories
Electronic accessories are also most hot category or products to sell.Since the starting of e-commerce websites people prefer online shopping in the matter of electronic accessories or gadgets.They are available online at very low prices.

4. Books
It is evergreen category and products  to sell online.Books always sell more than we think whether it is festival season or normal people.As we know some authors direct launch  their books on e-commerce portals.

5. Men Accessories
Men accessories is now a days doing great,women accessories already  have potential sales.So,if you are a manufacturer or seller of men accessories,don’t be hesitate to sell online.

1. Wallet

2. Belts

3. Watches

6. Toys & Video Games
Mostly shoppers age are between 16-35, so video games are also most popular product to sell online. If  you  deal in video games and toys then you must add some good video games in your stocktoys video games

7. Footwear
India’s on the third position of footwear manufacturing and 90% footwear used by our population and rest of the 10% goes to European countries. Whether you are a manufacturer or retailer don’t put your collection available to your only store. Your product may be competitive in respect of prices,quality or branding. There are some HOT product to sell online.

Women’s Jutti

Men’s Loafer


 Formal Shoes

Sports Shoes

8. Home Decor
Home decor item sellers gain a great sell and now a days it is not an astonishing thing because as self care folk also wants to see their houses look perfect and whether it is decorated.

9. Cosmetics and Beauty Care
One of the evergreen category to sell, so if you are authorized distributor of beauty or body care products then you don’t need to think too much because mostly body care products and cosmetics companies have their client base.You just need to be a channel for them and they will it definitely. In this year two e-commerce got funding, which is particularly deal in cosmetics and body care products.

10. Gifts
It is your birthday and your friend’s birthday, we all expect gifts and find gifts to what to give and it should be also in a budget. People now a day never feel hassle because it is an era of e-commerce people just go to shopping app and order what they want to send to their friends If you sell gift items, then you must try to sell online.

Top 10 PHP Interview Questions and Answers

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Question 1: How to redirect a page to another?

Answer: You can use header function to redirect.
header('location: http://www.web-technology-experts-notes.in"); //Redirect to home page of another website

header('location: http://www.web-technology-experts-notes.in/2015/11/php-questions-and-answers-for-experienced.html"); //Redirect to another page and another website

header('location: php-questions-and-answers-for-experienced.html"); //Redirect to another page of same website

header('location: php-questions-and-answers-for-experienced.html?topic=php");  //Redirect to another page of same website with parameter

header('Location: http://www.web-technology-experts-notes.in/2015/11/php-questions-and-answers-for-experienced.html', true, 301); //Permanent Redirect

Question 2: Is it secure to store a password in a session?

Answer: If you still need then please stored in encrypted form with different name (not password).

Question 3: How to set/get PHP array in cookie?

Answer: //Set an array in cookie

setcookie('no_array', $arrayData);

//Get an array from cookie
$cookie = $_COOKIE['no_array'];
$arrayData = json_decode($cookie);

Question 4: What is the difference between bindParam and bindValue?

Answer: $string='this is ';

if (strlen($string) != strlen(utf8_decode($string)))
    echo 'is unicode';
  echo 'It is Not unicode.';

Question 5: How to add 30 mins to a date?

Answer: $date = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");

date("Y/m/d h:i:s", strtotime("+30 minutes", $date));

Question 6: How to get Path From URL?

Answer: $url = "http://www.web-technology-experts-notes.in/2013/09/amazon-s3-introduction.html";
$path = parse_url($url);
    [scheme] => http
    [host] => www.web-technology-experts-notes.in
    [path] => /2013/09/amazon-s3-introduction.html

Question 7: How to get array elements which present in two different array? 

Answer: $array1 = array("a" => "green", "red", "blue");

$array2 = array("b" => "green", "yellow", "red");
$result = array_intersect($array1, $array2);
/**Array ( [a] => green [0] => red )*/

Question 8: How to replace array elements with another another? 

Answer: $input = array("red", "green", "blue", "yellow");
array_splice($input, -1, 1, array("black", "maroon"));

/*Array ( [0] => red [1] => green [2] => blue [3] => black [4] => maroon )*/

Question 9: Count number of elements in an array? 

Answer: $foodArray = array('fruits' => array('orange', 'banana', 'apple'),

              'veggie' => array('carrot', 'collard', 'pea'));

echo count($foodArray); // output 2
// recursive count
echo count($foodArray, COUNT_RECURSIVE); // output 8

Question 10: How to exchanges all keys with their associated values in an array? 

Answer: $input = array("oranges", "apples","mango", "pears");

$flippedArray = array_flip($input);

/*Array ( [oranges] => 0 [apples] => 1 [mango] => 2 [pears] => 3 )*/

Top 10 Most Expensive Whiskies in the World

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Best whiskies have been in storage for decades. Here is a list of the top ten 10 most expensive whiskies in the world.

1. Macallan 1946 –  INR 29592950.00 /-  ($460,000)
This bottle of single malt whiskey in a LaliqueCire Perdue decanter was sold in 2010 at an auction, with the proceeds going to charity. This whiskey is unusual in that it was made with peated malt because of the then-prohibitive prices of coal that shot up because of World War II. This is a classic Macallan and one of the best ever released.

2. Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 1955 – INR 6047255.00 /-  ($94,000)
Glenfiddich had a barrel of Scotch whiskey that has been aging since New Year’s Eve of 1955. When Janet Sheed Roberts, the granddaughter of Glenfiddich’s founder William Grant, passed away at the ripe old age of 110, the company decided to honor her by making 15 bottles from the said barrel. Four were kept by the family while the rest were auctioned off. A whiskey connoisseur from Atlanta bought one of them for $94,000. The whiskey has been acclaimed for its floral, fruity and sweet taste.

3. Macallan 1926 – INR 4824937.50 /- ($75,000)
This is the oldest in the Fine and Rare collection of Macallan. It was distilled in 1926 and bottled only in 1986. Only 40 bottles were produced. The single malt blend is dry and concentrated as no water has been added. The color reflects that of the old barrel. A businessman from South Korea bought this bottle in 2005.

4. Dalmore 62 Single Highland Malt Scotch Matheson – INR 3731285.00 /- ($58,000)
This is a blend of four single malt whiskies that were distilled in different years. Only 12 bottles were made in 1942, each of which was given names unique but relevant to the Dalmore Estate. The most expensive was the Matheson, named after Alexander Matheson, the owner of the estate. An anonymous buyer bought this in 2005. He quicly opened it and finished it with five of his closest friends.

5. Glenfiddich 1937 – INR 1286650.00 /- ($20,000)
This is from the Rare Collection of Glenfiddich. It was distilled in 1937 in the company’s plant in Scotland. Left to age gracefully, the barrel was then opened and the whiskey was bottled in 2001. Only 61 bottles were made. The whiskey is said to have a rich walnut color, though it has hints of cedar, cinnamon, cloves and toffee. The bottle was bought at a charity auction in New York in 2006.

6. Macallan 55-Year-Old – INR 804156.25 /- ($12,500)
This whiskey was distilled in a sherry oak barrel and aged for 55 years. The single malt whiskey was then bottled in a Lalique Crystal Decanter, made by Rene Lalique who created a similar perfume bottle in 1910. The drink was said to have a dark rosewood color that exuded a nice smell that similar to peat smoke and sweet dried fruits. While the soft and smooth taste had a hint of citrus flavor, it was also noted to be a bit spicy.

7. Dalmore 50-Year-Old – INR 707657.50 /- ($11,000)
This is one of the best 50-year-old whiskies ever made and it is a much sought after drink all over the world. The whiskey was first distilled in 1920. It was then bottled in 1978, with only 60 bottles being produced. The bottles themselves were made of crystal decanters. The whiskey showed a deep amber hue. The taste itself is fresh, yet refined. It also had a flavor similar to that of a citrus. The drink also exhibited some spice and zest once the drinker tastes it.

8. Glenfarclas 1955 – INR 699808.93 /- ($10,878)
In 1865, John Grant bought the Glenfarclas Distillery in Ballindalloch in Scotland from Robert Hay. The distillery, at that time, was already running for 29 years. To celebrate his ancestor’s birthday, George Grant handpicked a barrel in 1955 that would honor the man who started the family business. This barrel was then bottled in 2005, or 50 years to the day after it was laid out in a wooden cask. The barrel was able to fill 110 bottles, all of which were sold even before the drink became available on the market. The whiskey has the usual Speyside malt taste associated with Glenfarclas. The whiskey drinker can also noticeably discern a heavy influence of sherry.

9. Macallan 1939 – INR 699808.93 /- ($10,125)
The Macallan 1939 comes from the distillery company’s Fine and Rare collection. The whiskey was first bottled in 1979 after the company had it aged for 40 years. It comes in one of their classic Lalique crystal decanter. Macallan is known for producing a strong collection of whiskeys and admittedly, this may pale in comparison to the three others on this list, especially when tasted side by side with the Macallan 1946 and Macallan 1926. The advantage of the Macallan 1939, however, is that it is more widely available and a lot more inexpensive as well. Yet, you will still get to enjoy the soft and smooth taste normally associated with its more expensive siblings, as well as smell the fine aroma that Macallan whiskeys are known for.

10. Chivas Regal Royal Salute 50-years-old – INR 643325.00 /- ($10,000)
To celebrate the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2002, Chivas Regal released a specially-made whiskey called the Chivas Regal Royal Salute. Just like the queen’s ascension to the throne, this whiskey was also laid to a barrel in 1952 and aged for 50 years. It was then bottled in time for the celebration. Around 255 bottles were made. The whiskey is said to contain a raisin and cloudy anise flavor.

List of 10 best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh India

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1. Kullu-Manali

One of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh is Kullu Manali. If you are on a lookout for fresh air and green mountains amidst the snow covered ranges then Kullu Manali, indeed should be on the top of your list.

2. Shimla

One of the most famous hill stations of Northern India – Shimla which is the right mix of Indian glory with British sophistication.it is consecrated stunning landscape and fresh climate all through the year.

3. Dharamsala

Dharamsala definitely has to be on your list of best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Famous not only because of its climate but also you get to see how multicultural Indian community lives in harmony with the Indo Tibetan community.

4. Kasauli

Kasauli is a perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of the city, and is one of the most serene places to visit in Himachal in June. Almost on the outskirts of Punjab and Haryana it is well connected by roadways.

5. Bir Billing

If you’re an adventure seeker, Bir Billing is the mecca for adventure sports and it has to be on your list of places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Bir is a small village which is located in the western side of Himachal Pradesh and is blessed with some refreshing climate.

6. Malana

Looking for digital detox, then Malana is the place you must visit in Himachal Pradesh in August. Situated near the Kullu Valley, Malana provides spellbinding views of the Deo Tiba and Chandrakhani crests.

7. Dalhousie

Dalhousie is yet another hill station in Himachal Pradesh which is ideal for de-stressing in the serene, tranquil troposphere. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city life, sit back and enjoy the nature in Dalhousie.

8. Spiti Tabo Kaza

Spiti Valley is one of the most attractive hidden gems of North India. Straddling the river Spiti, it is home to numerous of the divinest of Buddhist destinations as well as some of the most widespread tourist destinations.

9. Kasol

Known as the little Israel of India in Himachal Pradesh, based in the Parvati Valley is this beautiful hill station called Kasol. Its just on the way to the holy town of Manikaran.

10. Khajjiar

Located in the Chamba district, this gorgeous valley is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Its indeed a great place to relax and unwind in the beautiful and refreshing environment.

Top Ten PHP Frameworks

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1. CodeIgniter

Built for PHP programmers, CodeIgniter is one of the powerful PHP frameworks that helps create fully functional web applications. It features excellent user guide document for easy understanding the use of this agile framework. Programmers simply love it due to its ability to develop web applications easy and fast. It help you to get rid from the worry of client’s deadlines.

2. Laravel

It provides common tasks such as routing, authentication, caching, sessions and make development easier for the programmers. It is loaded with aplenty of wonderful features that set it apart from the rest of PHP based open source platforms. It offers many advantages over other PHP base framework.

3. Symfony

It is one of the most efficient PHP frameworks that speed up the development of web applications by helping coder to overcome repetitive coding process. It can be installed easily on any configuration. The requirement of this framework includes windows or UNIX with installed PHP5. It incorporates set of reusable and decoupled components that helps to build the best PHP applications. It compatibility with almost all database make is one of the leading PHP framework to build web applications.

4. Phalcon

It is a high performance PHP framework offer lower resource consumption. For optimize performance, it is implemented as an extension written in C/C++. It is based on MVC pattern and known as a high performance web framework.

5. Yii

It is a component based, objective oriented, high performance PHP framework based on MVC pattern that is best for web 2.0 application development. It comes with a number of rich features such as authentication, caching, testing, Active record etc., and can be used by programmers effortlessly. It helps to reduce development time significantly. It is fast, professional and secure.

6. CakePHP

It is an open source framework for PHP website development written in PHP. It is known as a reliable and tested facility that deliver many benefits to the developers. The desing patterns it uses includes MVC, ActiveRecord, Front Controller and Associate Data mapping. It keeps application secure and safe with its excellent built-in tools. It makes building web application faster and simpler.

7. Zend

It is an object oriented open source web application framework helps developers develop fast, secure and scalable web applications. It is licensed under the New BSD license and implemented in PHP5. It supports for many vendors and database systems such as Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, MariaDB and more. It creates reusable codes that can be used handily for further development. It is the finest PHP frameworks to build custom web based applications.

8. Aura

It provides well tested, high quality, decoupled libraries that are used in any codebase. The Aura project is perfect for them who love decoupled libraries, clean code and independent packages. It helps programmer to take adavantage of available features in PHP 5.4+.

9. Flight

It is extensible, simple yet fast PHP framework enables developers to build web applications quickly and easily.

10. Kohana

It helps to build web application quickly with its rich set of components including database access, translation tools, validation, encryption, code profiling. It is HMVC PHP5 framework built using strict PHP objects and classes. User can add new library and extend existing components. It has active community and IRC channels.

Ten Countries Where the Indian Rupee Is Stronger

We list (ten) 10 countries you can visit where the Indian currency has more value 1. Indonesia The land of islands, clear blue...


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