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Top 10 Best WWE Wrestlers in 2011

1. Edge
The Master Manipulator, the Ultimate Opportunist, the Rated-R Superstar and 11 time World Champion has been so far the most successful wrestler of 2011. and why is that because he has defended his world title successfully at Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber and most importantly on the grandest stage of them all, The Wrestlemania.
2. Alberto Del Rio
This man has reached to the top in no time. Making his debut in the mid 2010, the essence of excellence quickly made himself as the prime contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. And in 2011 he gathered great success after he won the biggest Royal Rumble match in the history and main evented Wrestlemania.
3. The Miz
He is the Miz… and he is awesome. And why not because he successfully defended the WWE championship against dangerous Randy Orton at Royal Rumble and against John Cena at Wrestlemania.
4. Randy Orton
The viper Randy Orton without a doubt is the most dangerous competitor present in the WWE. This 8 pack predator has taken out the whole member of Nexus single handedly and leveled CM punk with a thunderous RKO at the big stage , Wrestlemania.
5. Wade Barrett
The winner of the NXT season 1, the founder of the NEXUS and the leader of the CORRE. Wade Barrett met with great success this year winning the Intercontinental title and taking on the largest athlete in the world, The Big Show.
6. John Cena
He may have lost the Royal Rumble match, but he still manages to make his way to the main event at Wrestlemania after he outlasted 5 man in the unforgiving steel of Elimination Chamber. He also stood toe to toe against the people’s champ The Rock.
7. John Morrison
Undoubtedly the most gifted athlete in WWE. John Morrison has always been at the spot light for his high flying moves. He showed great athleticism in Royal Rumble, fought in the cage of Elimination Chamber like a Spider Man and booked his rightful place at Wrestlemania with his spinning action maneuvers.
8. CM Punk
The leader of the Straight-edge Society has played his cards very well. He successfully took over the leadership of the powerful Nexus and showed great resilience in Royal Rumble match and Elimination Chamber. And in the last taking on the WWE Viper Randy Orton and incapacitating him weeks after weeks.
9. Sheamus
The Irish born hard hitting heavyweight and 2 time WWE champion had a pretty impressive year so far. He captured the United States title and delivered some heavy blows to Daniel Bryan.
10. Dolph Ziggler
With the help of his valet Vickie Guerrero Doplh Ziggler captured the World Heavyweight Championship and also found his place at Wrestlemania.
Top 10 Best WWE Wrestlers in 2011 Reviewed by Sam on November 14, 2011 Rating: 5 1. Edge The Master Manipulator, the Ultimate Opportunist, the Rated-R Superstar and 11 time World Champion has been so far the most successf...

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