Top 10 Strangest Love Notes

1. Classy lady!
This is a woman who doesn't mind telling it like it is..!

2. Graphic artist humor
Please don't show us your pixels, dude.

3. Now WE feel dirty.

4. Geeks need love too
C'mon, Jessica. We'd date him.!

5. Talk about a ring of fire.
This is a love note from Johnny Cash to his wife June; from the book, House of Cash. Hotter than a pepper sprout.

6. Wait, someone thinks Al Yankovic is hot?
You go, girl.

7. Thanks... I think?

8. Haiku for you!
A condition? Let us give you the number of a good doctor.

9. Somebody wants a spanking
Bad dishes! And bad Steve.

10. Signed, Your Needy Girlfriend