Top 10 List of TV Manufacturers

1. Hitachi: Hitachi is the Japans most venerable company is electronic business. Many companies in the industry just dream of the knowledge and experience of Hitachi. In 50s its career was started as a tube manufacturer. With Hitachi’s own picture tube, it started to manufacture TVs and other electronic products in 1960. Hitachi made its name by some high-quality and most reliable TVs. Its CRT rear-projection TVs amazingly thin and well designed. It has a good range of products like LCD and LED TVs. It is in the first position in the Top 10 List of TV manufacturers.

2. LG: LG is a popular company in recent TV market. In early 90’s, formerly known as Goldster, it produced low-budget electronic products. Goldster was a Korean electronics manufacturer starter in 1958. In 1995 it changed into LG Electronics and start producing quality TVs. In 2001LG started to make TVs jointly with Philips. In 2003 the market was leaded by LG with some 20” and 30” LCD monitors. Now LG is a successful manufacturer of LCD or LED TVs or monitors. LG is in the third position in the Top 10 List of TV manufacturers.

3. RCA: RCA is a electronic company whose journey was started when TV was first introduced in the year 1939. After achieving the standard it started to produce color TVs in 1954. Today you can find RCS’s direct-view CRTs, Flat-panel LCD monitors, rear-projection TVs which use CRT and DLP based rear projectors in most competitive prices. But before you buy, you should know that according to statistics, RCA is among the most-repaired TVs. RCA is in the forth position in the Top 10 List of TV manufacturers.

4. Samsung: Samsung, a Korean electronics manufacturer, began its journey not too long from now. In 1970 it is making TVs which were terribly average. But from the last decade is has started to proof itself as an Asian giant. It has made high-quality and powerful LCD, LED and Plasma TVs which is packed with Samsung’s own invented advanced technologies. Samsung is in the fourth position in the Top 10 List of TV manufacturers.

5. Sharp: The Japanese company Sharp was started in 1912 by of the invention of the Ready Sharp mechanical pencil. Sharp designed Japan’s first radio in 1925, first TV in 1953 and first transistor calculator in 1964. Additionally, Sharp makes flash memory, CMOS, computer chips and CCD sensors. Sharps Aquos LCD televisions are among the finest TVs today. This company is in the sixth position in the Top 10 List of TV manufacturers.

6. Sony: The Sony Corporation is known to all over the world. It is a giant in the electronic industry. There is hardly any electronics product that Sony doesn’t make. It is the first manufacturer of transistor in Japan. It invented the Trinitron color TV. Sony’s strong point is clearest and sharpest picture quality in their Trinitron TVs. Sony is highly marked for their quality and long lasting TVs. This company is in the seventh position in the Top 10 List of TV manufacturers.

7. Panasonic: Most of the people do not give credit to Panasonic TVs until they are reviewed and praised. Panasonic, in 1918, first began its journey after the invention of two-socket light fixture by Konosuke Matsushita. Today Panasonic is like a specialist of digital TVs. It is highly praised for its Plasma TVs. No matter how much your budget is for a display, Panasonic can give you something in your price range. This company is in the eighth position in the Top 10 List of TV manufacturers.
8. Philips: Philips is a Dutch company founded by Gerard Philips in 1891 which used to manufacture night bulbs and other electronic equipments. Philips MiraVision TV is among the coolest TVs nowadays. Philips makes both CRT and flat panel TVs. In the flat panel TVs there are LCD and Plasma TVs. The high-quality and faster pixel rate made the Philips’s LCD and Plasma TVs popular. Philips is in the ninth position in the Top 10 List of TV manufacturers.

9. Hannspree: Hannspree is a Taiwanese manufacturer of LCD TV. Though lately, its TVs have received recognition and it is trading well in various websites. The unique products that Hannspree makes are the LCD TVs. You won’t buy Hannspree TVs for their quality, but only for their attractive design. They are well designed with artistic flair. Hannspree is not only designing TVs, but also offering the customers a new buying experience. They are opening stores with a special environment in the key locations of the cities. It is in the second position in the Top 10 List of TV manufacturers.

10. Yamaha: Yamaha is a paradoxical manufacturer. It manufacture from automobiles to IC chips. Torakusu Yamaha founded Yamaha Corporation in 1897. He was a craftsman of musical instruments. Yamaha produced Plasma TVs and projectors, but it is only for them who can spend $10K for a TV. Yamaha produces procrssors like Silicon Opti and Faroudja DCDi and very high-quality projectors like DarkChip3. This company is in the last position in the Top 10 List of TV manufacturers.


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