Top Ten PHP Frameworks - top10

Top Ten PHP Frameworks

1. CodeIgniter

Built for PHP programmers, CodeIgniter is one of the powerful PHP frameworks that helps create fully functional web applications. It features excellent user guide document for easy understanding the use of this agile framework. Programmers simply love it due to its ability to develop web applications easy and fast. It help you to get rid from the worry of client’s deadlines.

2. Laravel

It provides common tasks such as routing, authentication, caching, sessions and make development easier for the programmers. It is loaded with aplenty of wonderful features that set it apart from the rest of PHP based open source platforms. It offers many advantages over other PHP base framework.

3. Symfony

It is one of the most efficient PHP frameworks that speed up the development of web applications by helping coder to overcome repetitive coding process. It can be installed easily on any configuration. The requirement of this framework includes windows or UNIX with installed PHP5. It incorporates set of reusable and decoupled components that helps to build the best PHP applications. It compatibility with almost all database make is one of the leading PHP framework to build web applications.

4. Phalcon

It is a high performance PHP framework offer lower resource consumption. For optimize performance, it is implemented as an extension written in C/C++. It is based on MVC pattern and known as a high performance web framework.

5. Yii

It is a component based, objective oriented, high performance PHP framework based on MVC pattern that is best for web 2.0 application development. It comes with a number of rich features such as authentication, caching, testing, Active record etc., and can be used by programmers effortlessly. It helps to reduce development time significantly. It is fast, professional and secure.

6. CakePHP

It is an open source framework for PHP website development written in PHP. It is known as a reliable and tested facility that deliver many benefits to the developers. The desing patterns it uses includes MVC, ActiveRecord, Front Controller and Associate Data mapping. It keeps application secure and safe with its excellent built-in tools. It makes building web application faster and simpler.

7. Zend

It is an object oriented open source web application framework helps developers develop fast, secure and scalable web applications. It is licensed under the New BSD license and implemented in PHP5. It supports for many vendors and database systems such as Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, MariaDB and more. It creates reusable codes that can be used handily for further development. It is the finest PHP frameworks to build custom web based applications.

8. Aura

It provides well tested, high quality, decoupled libraries that are used in any codebase. The Aura project is perfect for them who love decoupled libraries, clean code and independent packages. It helps programmer to take adavantage of available features in PHP 5.4+.

9. Flight

It is extensible, simple yet fast PHP framework enables developers to build web applications quickly and easily.

10. Kohana

It helps to build web application quickly with its rich set of components including database access, translation tools, validation, encryption, code profiling. It is HMVC PHP5 framework built using strict PHP objects and classes. User can add new library and extend existing components. It has active community and IRC channels.
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