Top 10 Most Selling Online Products in India

1.Sunglasses / Eye-wear
Sunglasses has always been a  favorite for shopping on e-commerce portals.Even particular category e-commerce websites are worth of billions of rupees.Sunglasses sells in fashion accessories.

2.Women Handbags
Women never stop shopping so whether it could be a summer or winter women fond of handbags matching with their heels or dress.Due to excessive import of chinese accessories sellers are offering good quality of handbags with cheap prices  for women handbag category

3.Electronic Accessories
Electronic accessories are also most hot category or products to sell.Since the starting of e-commerce websites people prefer online shopping in the matter of electronic accessories or gadgets.They are available online at very low prices.

4. Books
It is evergreen category and products  to sell online.Books always sell more than we think whether it is festival season or normal people.As we know some authors direct launch  their books on e-commerce portals.

5. Men Accessories
Men accessories is now a days doing great,women accessories already  have potential sales.So,if you are a manufacturer or seller of men accessories,don’t be hesitate to sell online.

1. Wallet

2. Belts

3. Watches

6. Toys & Video Games
Mostly shoppers age are between 16-35, so video games are also most popular product to sell online. If  you  deal in video games and toys then you must add some good video games in your stocktoys video games

7. Footwear
India’s on the third position of footwear manufacturing and 90% footwear used by our population and rest of the 10% goes to European countries. Whether you are a manufacturer or retailer don’t put your collection available to your only store. Your product may be competitive in respect of prices,quality or branding. There are some HOT product to sell online.

Women’s Jutti

Men’s Loafer


 Formal Shoes

Sports Shoes

8. Home Decor
Home decor item sellers gain a great sell and now a days it is not an astonishing thing because as self care folk also wants to see their houses look perfect and whether it is decorated.

9. Cosmetics and Beauty Care
One of the evergreen category to sell, so if you are authorized distributor of beauty or body care products then you don’t need to think too much because mostly body care products and cosmetics companies have their client base.You just need to be a channel for them and they will it definitely. In this year two e-commerce got funding, which is particularly deal in cosmetics and body care products.

10. Gifts
It is your birthday and your friend’s birthday, we all expect gifts and find gifts to what to give and it should be also in a budget. People now a day never feel hassle because it is an era of e-commerce people just go to shopping app and order what they want to send to their friends If you sell gift items, then you must try to sell online.